16 October 2006

Yet More Photoblogging

Not exactly the most exciting post title. Added a link to MY FLICKR PAGE over on the sidebar links.

The setting; top of the parking structure on 2nd St. between Santa Monica Blvd. and Arizona. A gray day, not the best lighting for snaps, but I shot away, anyway.


Graffiti's everywhere, some is more existential than others


Proof I don't suffer from vertigo (also, some Althouse-like shoeblogging thrown in)


Palos Verdes in the hazy distance, plus a bit of the world famous Santa Monica Pier if you look carefully. Also, that big blue Pacific, which somehow I failed to post a picture of until now.

While walking around downtown I passed by Wasteland and noticed they had plenty of costumes that would give Allison Glock the vapors, I was about to whip out my camera, but than thought better of it. When you've seened one slutty bee-girl outfit, you've seen them all.

(for more on the slutwear trend, see this Althouse post)

Another place I almost whipped it out (get your minds out of the gutter), was Tower Records, they are festooned with colorful and large going out of business sale placards. But, that's not news. Besides, the folks rummaging threw the depleting stock didn't seem like the really wanted to be captured for posterity.

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