17 October 2006

I Know I Shouldn't Laugh, But . . .

(via Drudge)

This report, that Rose Rock, the mother of Chris Rock claims she was discriminated against while patronizing a chain restaurant in South Carolina.

Did I mention the restaurant was Cracker Barrel?

Can't you just here the Chris Rock routine about this incident?

"I mean come on woman, you walked into a Cracker Barrel in South Carolina, what did you expect?"


Becky said...

I live near the Cracker Barrel Ms. Rock visited, and what all the articles are leaving out is that on May 16, when she received the poor service, it was the Harley Bike Festival here. That Cracker Barrel restaurant is at the epicenter of the bike week festivities, and no sane local would even try to eat in a restaurant in that area at that time of year. Of course service was slow!

Also, she was a regular at that restaurant. If there was a policy of discrimination, why would she be a regular?

XWL said...

Thanks for the info, I suspected that something like this was the case.

I've been to restaurants where I've waited a long time, and never leaped to the discrimination conclusion.

Whenever I've had crappy service at a chain restaurant it's been due to holiday or events exacerbated by understaffing or overcrowding.

To leap to the discrimination angle in this day and age is to be looking for trouble where little or not trouble exists.