17 October 2006

I Blame the Clinton Administration

I meant to comment on this earlier but it slipped my mind.

The U lived down to their reputation this past Saturday. The behavior on the field was inexcusable from both teams, and both football programs should be shut down for the rest of the season.

Miami University is only suspending 13 players for one game. That's absurd. Donna Shalala should have ended football for the season, fired Coker, and yanked all the scholarships of players who joined in the violence. If a frat had hosted a party and the same brawl had broken out, that frat would cease to be, the students involved would be facing criminal charges, and they would have been expelled. But because it was the football team at a football school, one game and a promise never ever ever ever ever to engage in rough housing is all that's required them.

Here's what Shalala is quoted as saying, "This university will be firm and punish people who do bad things," "But we will not throw any student under the bus for instant restoration of our image or our reputation. I will not hang them in a public square. I will not eliminate their participation at the university. I will not take away their scholarships."

Rewarding bad behavior seems to be a habit with Clintonistas.

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Icepick said...

Dude, I've heard of much WORSE happening at UM parties. It's a madhouse down there.

But this isn't really that much worse than the South Carolina-Clemson brawl from a few years ago. Really, if UM wasn't involved I don't think there would be this much fuss.

(FULL DISCLOSURE: I'm an FSU fan and a UF graduate. I've got no love for "the 'U'".)