17 October 2006

To Link, Or Not To Link, That Is The Question

(the title to this blogpost should be heard as if read by John Lithgow in his most obnoxious voice)

I'm a huge fan of the Gawker weekly feature Blue States Lose. One of the main sources for the photos there is the LA scenester/photographer Cobrasnake. One of the disturbing aspects of Cobrasnake, besides the name, the hair, and the clothes, is his "intern" Cory Kennedy.

Cory Kennedy is quickly becoming an international phenomenon in the fashion world. She's had spreads in big fashion mags, is talked about here and there, and hangs out with the rich and famous.

Here's an LAWeekly article about her from a few months ago. Here's a little love being shown her way at Trashionista.net. Here's a disturbing little Sims2 mod for some in-game Cory Kennedy action. Fashionologie comments on the Cory Kennedy phenom, as well. Here's an overview someone (natzmeister) posted at Livejournal, with lots of pictures.

Also, Cory's a blogger, and her blog is charmingly (disturbingly?) lacking in coherence.

Did I mention she's sixteen (or seventeen, or twenty-one, guess it depends which fake ID she's using that day)?

Anyway, I'm tempted to include a link to her blog cause she represents something, whether that something is sad and disgusting, or charming and hopeful, or charming and disgusting, or sad and hopeful depends on who is reading it I suppose.

Sometimes she seems to be in on the joke (like in this video, which despite being jokey, still seems very inappropriate if she really is under 18) other times I get the feeling that she IS the joke.

I can't help but seeing a lot of Edie in her (and Ciao! Manhattan is a pretty good film if you ask me), and that's not a good thing. If they had blogs back in the Factory's hey-day, I bet they'd be a lot like her blog.

Also, I knew her back when I went to Samohi. Not her specifically, but girls just like her, who hung out with guys like Cobrasnake, and it never ended well for them (the girls, that is, not the pervs, the pervs seemed to get along just fine).

Anyway, back to the point of this post. She would seem out of place linked in my blogroll, but then again, she seems to be representative of something bubbling up in this culture (or lack thereof) and she also happens to be from Santa Monica.

I'm leaning towards linking. Afterall, it's only a line of text with a few html tags, it doesn't cost anything, and nobody actually has to follow the link over there if they choose not to.

I will listen to arguments pro and con, however. Argue away in the comments, if you care. And remain silent if you don't. Or even argue away, even if you don't care, just cause you enjoy arguing. And then I guess there are those who care, yet choose not to comment cause they feel powerless to sway my decision-making. For those folks I feel sorrow.

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