11 October 2006

Cheeky (Scottish) Monkey

Craig Ferguson is easily the best monologuist amongst the late night talk show hosts currently airing. Plus with the right guest he's also one of the better interviewers. Conan, and the last half of Jimmy Kimmel are faint memories (we shall not even mention those aging, well past their prime denizens of 11:35).

During his opening monologue last night, he was commenting on the film Man of the Year and musing about the possibility of different talk show hosts becoming President (as in the film).

Of Oprah he said (I'm paraphrasing, didn't record the show) that she'd be great cause everyone would get a free car. OK, not that funny, but it was a set up pitch for the screwball that he threw next.

Of Ellen he said (more paraphrasing), I think she could be president, I think the country could be ready for a blonde, pantsuit wearing lesbian as president.

He let that hang there a bit, and mugged for the camera so as to make it obvious as to who else he might be suggesting by that joke.

Brilliant stuff, that.

OK, maybe not that brilliant, it was all in the delivery.

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