10 October 2006

Their Definition of "Win" is Different from Mine

(via Drudge)

Nevada gaming establishments "won" a record 1.06 Billion dollars in August 2006 out of 14 Billion dollars wagered for an average vigorish of 7.6% across all games of chance. 11.3 Billion was plunked into the hungry bellies of slot machines (though lately, there's scant little plunking, the devices all take your paper money directly and spit out receipts instead of coins, if you want).

The primary winners were on the Strip in Vegas, up 14.3% over August 2005.

Of course, the house winnings are built on the losing of the losers 'aka' tourists/costumers.

And August is usually one of the worst month's for Las Vegas.

The economy must be doing awfully good for folks to throw away 14 Billion in Nevada casinos during a slow month.

One other thing, the new slogan for the state of Nevada should be, "Nevada, It's Where Grandma Spends Her Social Security Check!"

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Pastor_Jeff said...

Like they say, the only way to win is to not play.