11 October 2006

The Warner Brothers School of International Diplomacy

Prof. Reynolds in this post, would seem to be advocating the Bugs Bunny school of International Diplomacy.

He's suggesting that we could get Elmer Jong-Il to use up all of his nuclear material by getting him to prove over and over again that he had a successful test.

(though to be fair to Elmer, . . . Daffy, Yosemite Sam, among others have fallen for the same ploy)

Supposed cowboy diplomacy replaced by potential rascally rabbit diplomacy.

I like it.

UPDATE: Ahhh, YouTube, good stuff that. Here's the specific scene from Ballot Box Bunny that I'm thinking of. Not a perfect parallel, but close enough, use the bad guy's orneriness against him might be the way to go, so long as the bad guys are the ones that end up going KABOOM.

Of course, that wasn't the first use of the booby trapped piano, it was first used in the Private Snafu cartoon below

But Bugs used similar techniques to great effect, and Kim Jong Il really does seem like a Looney Tunes bad guy, so maybe Looney Tunes techniques will be most effective.

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