12 October 2006


From ESPN Page 2, Bill Simmons waxing lovingly about Tiger Woods
4. His favorite golf movie is "Caddyshack." There's no No. 2 on the list. (I'm guessing he wasn't a big fan of "Tin Cup" and "Bagger Vance.") I thought about pitching him my idea for "Black Caddyshack" but decided against it.

This got me thinking, what if they did actually make a "Black Caddyshack"? First off, it would have to be called Blackyshack (a la Blacula). Secondly, casting would be critical. Who would be the BlackBill Murray? I'd go with Forest Whitaker. He can be funny, he has presence, and he does a great crazy. For the Black Rodney Dangerfield, I'd go with Cedric the Entertainer, he's a hack, but a good natured hack who can ham it up in a Rodney sort of fashion. For the Chevy Chase role, I'd cast Tiger Woods himself. He's conquered the golfing world, I think he can handle the acting. Plus he could just play a slightly off kilter version of himself and it would fit the role. John Witherspoon could do a good Ted Knight impression.

The rest of the cast doesn't matter, but one other thing, I'd go with a puppet and NOT CGI for the gopher. The gopher must be an obvious puppet, it's part of the charm. Screw technological advances!

If this happens, I expect at least half a point for fleshing out the suggestion.

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