12 October 2006

Yeah, I Noticed That, Too

Defamer goes after the new NBC/Universal (a wholly owned subsidiary of GE) show 30 Rock and their use of Shitergy.

They say it all.

We are expected to believe that this was 'wink-wink' knowing self-parody shitergy, and not actual corporate mandated, let's push our own products shitergy.

But, despite the positive review from Cathy Seipp, I wasn't impressed with their first outing, despite Alec Baldwin being quite good at his role, too much of the rest was too much like the rest of the shows that have mined this behind the scenes in the entertainment industry territory.

Entertainment types assume that the behind the scenes goings on of their oh so fascinating industry must be endlessly fascinating to the plebes out there in fly over territory. They're wrong, but they can't help themselves. You don't get ahead in 'the industry' without being somewhat narcissistic, afterall.

Behind the scenes at a used car lot, now that's real comedy gold.

(Used Cars, the series?)

Speaking of Alec Baldwin and comedy gold (though at a tragic situation).

1 comment:

bill said...

Only problem I had was Alec Baldwin claiming it would cook a turkey in 22 minutes, but it's actually 2 hours. Otherwise, a mildly amusing show.

Thanks for mentioning "Used Cars." A comedy classic that is ignored. Kurt Russell is also an underappreciated actor.