18 October 2006

Best/Worst 80s Videos

Andrew Sullivan, feeling a bit stung by criticism over his continued love for all things Pet Shop Boys, resorts to calling for folks to send in suggestions for the best/worst videos of the 80s that best exemplify that which the 80s music scene represents.

I picked three videos for best, and only one for worst (for that title is so clearly earned, as to be beyond dispute).

The videos I picked aren't the best videos, the best songs, but they are quintessentially 80s (at least in my opinion).

80s was a time of paying homage, as well as putting new twists on things, so my first suggestion was this clip of Power Station doing Bang a Gong. "Supergroups" were a very 80s phenom, and Power Station were one of the better ones. Robert Palmer could sing! Andy Taylor is a pretty damn fine guitarist. And drummers don't get much better than Niles Rodgers. Plus, this video has hot chicks and neon-like animation (an 80s requirement)

Next up, the somewhat obscure, and probably mostly forgotten Haysi Fantayzee doing their big hit Shiny Shiny. This video is fantastic. Their style was "interesting". The album from which this song was taken was a great album that is impossible to find nowadays. They were a novelty act, more famous in England for getting into the tabloids than their actual music, but the music had a polish, charm and unique quality that's hard to match. Plus it's hard to picture them outside of 1982-1985, which is probably why they vanished so quickly. So perfectly of the times, that they could not survive beyond those times.

The third "best" video from the 80s I chose was Aztec Camera with Oblivious. I think this is one of the greatest pop songs of all time. Roddy Frame is a god, no one can ever tell me different. The video is a series of early/mid 80s cliches thrown together. Works well anyway.

Finally, the worst, well one word is all that's needed MENUDO (the horror, the horror). Watch it if you dare, just remember, some things once seen, can't be unseen.

Finally, shame on Mr. Sullivan for all this irresponsible encouragement of gross copyright infringement. Doug Morris should sue him while he's going around suing folks (or not).

I expect posts of this ilk to spring up like poppies across the internets.


Icepick said...

Dude, Flock of Seagulls "I Ran" has to be the ultimate '80s video. You will find hair and make-up like that nowhen else! Also, in similar vein, Missing Person's "Words". Damn. DAMN! (And if you don't know what I'm talking about, you weren't a hetero guy in the 1980s. I KNOW X will know what I'm talking about here.) DAMN!

As for a worst video? Hmm. That's tough, but there has to be something worse than Menudo. Probably a song I like by a band I like. I can't remember the song, but Van Halen did a video where Dave was dressed up like Napolean, amongst many other greivous sins. That may have been late '70s, though.....

XWL said...

That was quick.

Missing Persons, yes I remember them well (they were an LA band, afterall).

Saw them at some sort of street festival around 81 or 82 I think.

I loved their first EP. It happens to be the first pre-recorded cassette I ever bought (at Tower Westwood if memory serves).

And yes, Dale Bozio was yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmy.

My biggest crush at the time was Annabella Lwin of BowWowWow, the fact that she was famous, curvy, half naked most of the time and only 1 year older than me was a revelation.

(and in retrospect really, really sick)

For worst I almost went with Wake Me Up Before You Go Go.

Also the segment on Dale Bozio on VH-1s Where Are They Now crap is an argument against watching that. Seeing her as a 'soccer-mom', still sexy, but no longer the goddess she was is disturbing.

It's better to have only the memory sometimes.

Icepick said...

and in retrospect really, really sick

No it wasn't. You were the appropriate age for her! (Well, almost.) Now, the fact that she was being paraded around like that is another matter....

bill said...

Bow Wow Wow was probably my first band "crush." I'm sure nekkid album covers of Annabella played a very small role in that. Nice to know I'm only a year older than her, I feel slightly less sleazy. Malcolm Mclaren, on the otherhand, probably makes the top 3 of any list of the sleaziest people in music.

I'll take a collage photo of all my Bow Wow Wow EPs and LPs.

I found the Annabella Lwin and found this: ...well as writing and recording a song for the soon to be released movie Phoenix Point (starring Angelo Moore of ‘Fishbone’ and Cecilia Noel, the Salsoul Queen).

I'm sure this is horrible, but I want to watch it.

bill said...

There needs to be a list of great songs with bad videos. Search Youtube for George Clinton's "Atomic Dog." That has to be number 1.