19 October 2006

In The Year 2010 . . .

Predictions for 3.3 years from now.

In the year 2010, after years of frivilous lawsuits brought by deep pocket seeking lawyers and petty, whiny media companies claiming damages due to YouTube, the founders of Google will switch from being Silicon Valley liberals to tort-reform crusading neo-libertarians.

Automakers will continue to claim hydrogen fuel cell powered cars are just 5-10 years from being in the market on a mass scale (but this time they really, really mean it).

Apple computer will release their latest media device, the iSuppository. Its revolutionary rectal interface allows direct input (so to speak) of music and video data into a person's nervous system through the myriad nerve endings in your anus. The usual Apple fans announce that this is the greatest innovation in the entire history of all mankind, and only would be made better if the design of the device were molded from Steve Jobs' personal "equipment" (surprisingly, in subsequent months very few 'previously owned' will be bought on eBay).

Genetic engineers announce the creation of a new tapeworm based diet supplement. These creatures will sit in your stomach, have a maximum lifespan of six weeks, are infertile, and transform excess sugars in your stomach into amino acids, essential minerals and vitamins.

VirginGalactic announces that booking for their first multi-orbit flights are available this March. The flights will be 6 hours for $250,000 or 12 hours for $400,000. The first flight has already been booked by a pornographer who plans on filming 9 features of zero-g porn during a single 12 hour mission.

California Senator Diane Feinstein announces that she is resigning from the Senate (forgoing her last two years), and Gov. Schwarzenegger has agreed to allow her to pick her own successor, Oprah Winfrey.

The recently moved Los Angeles Saints, win their first Superbowl defeating the Tennesse Titans in Superbowl XLIV. Vince Young wins the MVP award in defeat, however.

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