18 September 2006

Reacting to Boobs on the Internet, Leads to Thoughts of Things Other Than Boobs (Shockingly)

Reader I Am, reacts to the boobs on the internet in her own way.

Her reaction made me think of the album Pure by Golden Palominos. Fantastic album, from the occaisonally great band/musician's collective (each album a different line-up, not really a band per se), I think Pure remains the best album released under the Golden Palominos brand.

This album was their danceable, trip-hoppy, groovealicious masterpiece.

No Skin, Little Suicides, and Gun are fantastic songs (along with the rest of the tracks).

Plus, the cover photo . . . . ., well, just look at it.

Lori Carson's whispy, vulnerable voice suits these songs perfectly. Her own album released a few years later is a great listen, too. The Best Todd Rundgren Cover EVAH! is on that album. That should be recommendation enough to get you to run out and buy it.

Buy both albums today, unless you already own them, in which case, listen to them, already.

PS: I'd do a little more pissing off of Doug Morris, but unfortunately, no tracks from either album have been satisfactorily YouTubed.

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