18 September 2006

RESULTS (Week TWO) Weekly NFL Related Humiliation

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Now on to the results

Oakland 6 Baltimore 28 (my pick BAL -12.5)
Yes! Predictable game, predictable results. Oakland will win a few games this season, but not more than 4. Baltimore looks scarily good after two weeks, but it turns out, Tampa, really really sucks, so maybe their shutout of Tampa Bay wasn't as surprising as first seemed. The less said about the Raiders, the better.

Tampa Bay 3 Atlanta 14 (my pick TB +6)
Oops! In my defense, the Bucs defense did shut down Vick's passing game as predicted, in all but one stat area (and on the scoreboard) TB looked pretty good. Of course, giving up 306 yards rushing will sink any team. If you told me that all the Falcons would score is 14 points before the game started, I would have felt real confident about picking the Bucs, oh well. Still, if TB can actually score a touchdown at some point this season, they still have a defense that can cause problems for their opponents. Despite going 2-0, I'm not sold on Atlanta, call me old fashion, but quarterbacks who frequently rush for more yards than they pass, don't augur for long term success and deep playoff runs, even when they are as talented as Ron Mexico.

Arizona 10 Seattle 21
(my pick ARI +7)
Oops! Again, in my defense, the Cardinals played well, Warner looked sharp mostly, James had a decent game, and they gained a lot of yards on offense while doing a decent job on Seattle on defense. Only problem, they forgot to score more touchdowns. Racking up yards, but not getting TDs, sucks. Seattle doesn't look sharp, and will struggle against quality opponents this season. Arizona still looks like a team on the rise.

Washington 10 Dallas 27 (my pick DAL -6)
Yes! Neither team looked good. Dallas may have managed a home victory against a bad team, but at least they won't have to worry about TO being a distraction for a few weeks. TO expects to be ready for the game against the Eagles on Oct 8th. I wouldn't count on it. Washington will get better I expect, but it's hard to imagine them going far with Brunell at QB.

After selecting only four games which to pick, going 2-2 is pretty crappy. It's still early, and I really expected both Chris Simms to be playing better by now, and the Cardinals impressive offense to get in the endzone more often. One more touchdown by each of the losing teams in those two games would have made me a perfect 4-0. That's why I only do these picks for internet humiliation and not gambling purposes. Stuff like that will drive you crazy when the rent check is riding on that late 4th quarter meaningless field goal or touchdown to cover the spread.


Icepick said...

X, I'll try to remember to give an extended take on the Falcons and Bucs latter this week, but trust me, the Bucs have been gawd-awful, and Atlanta looks really impressive. Don't be fooled by stats: the only offenses worse than the Bucs right now are the Florida State Seminoles and maybe the Oakland Raiders. Yes, it's that bad. Two out of three passes by Simms are getting batted down by lineman, and Atlanta should have had two touchdowns on Sunday by defensive tackles running back interceptions. DEFENSIVE TACKLES!

Icepick said...

Quick addendum: ATL quit rushing the QB ON THE SECOND SERIES! Why? They just held their ground, and batted down the passes as they went by. Carolina will win by 15 points or more this weekend....

Sign me,
Disappointed Bucs' Fan

XWL said...

Didn't see the game, so I have to defer to your judgement.

For LA, FOX broadcasted the NY Giants v Philly Eagles instead.

ATL would seem to be far ahead of the rest of their division, then.

I still don't buy them as a team that will do well in the playoffs.

bill said...

caveats: not really a football fan, but listen to some Atlanta sports radio.

It's a cliche, but this is a make or break year for Vick. People are pissed about last year. What's being talked about is that the offensive line is finally coming together and Vick only needs to make a couple passes to keep the running lanes open. And the defense is better than expected -- they'll keep the Falcons in the game and it's Vick's job not to lose the game.