17 September 2006

Ahhhhhh, Tenure

Sometimes tenure is a bad thing (Ward Churchhill, Sally Jacobsen, Steven Jones just to cite a few)

and sometimes it's a good thing, as exemplified by this comment by the securely tenured Prof. Ann Althouse regarding some comments inspired by this post
Ann Althouse said...

Charles Giacometti said..."Actually, Professor Althouse, my musing was designed to make you think twice about how unprofessional your behavior is..."

I am a blogger here. Your desire to confine me to your professor image is repressive and offensive. You are either trying to intimidate me or you are pathetically narrow-minded or you don't understand what blogging is or don't care about free speech. The attitude you're taking is a longstanding joke on this blog. Figure it out or expect to be criticized harshly here. This is not the law school classroom or a law journal. This is a blog. If you don't like my writing, read something else. But that's not what you are doing. You are despicably attempting to intimidate me about my job. If I were a person with insecure employment, it actually would be intimidating. But as it is, I'm in a position to call you on your repressive loutishness, which I'm happy to do for the sake of all the good bloggers who actually do have to worry about their livelihood. And shame on you.

8:03 PM, September 17, 2006

Non-tenured blogging professors have run into problems (see Daniel Drezner, but he landed on his feet, and is probably in a better position than the one he lost), but the exposure and intellectual stimulation provided by blogging will make for better, more engaged, and more engaging professors.

So despite the pitfalls, even the non-tenured should blog away and know that if fuddy duddy hiring boards don't like your Project Runway blogging, they are the ones missing out.





Or you could stay anonymous like me (and no, I'm not an untenured, or tenured professor).

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I'm for making parenting a licensed profession. Drop by and let a political radical know what you think.