12 September 2006

Product Recommendation Posts Rock!

I haven't done the old 'product recommendation' post in awhile, so here it goes (plus I wanted to test using tables to get the product links all in a nice row, rather than in an unwieldy column)

Wolfmother's album is terrific. Yes, it's derivative. Yes, it's loud. Yes, it's been out awhile. And you should order it ASAP if you don't own this great album. Mix lots of Zep, a little White Stripes, a dash of TRex, plenty of Sabbath and just a hint of Soundgarden and you get this. If that sounds like a putdown, it's not, it's a compliment. Power Trios Rock!

Brian DePalma has a new film coming out this Friday. His low-rent Hitchcock act wears thin usually. But not always. One such case where it actually works is Femme Fatale. It's actually a pretty good film. Rebecca Romijn is perfect for the role. This film is a reminder that Antonio Banderas can actually act when given the right material. It's beautifully shot as well. It's not exactly thought provoking, but it's very watchable, and rewatchable, which is important when considering what to DVDs to buy. Hollywood Made, Not Quite Porn, Quality Cheese Rocks!

People who start their Christmas shopping before Thanksgiving, really suck. Nevertheless, it's not too early to think about the kinds of things you might get. For whatever reason, folks don't really think about board games outside of gift giving season. I highly recommend getting the best board game designed by a frenchman inspired by Sumo wrestling, ever (OK, most likely the only game that fits all those qualifiers). Abalone has it all, Strategy, shiny polished balls, and reasonably priced. Easily Learned, Difficult to Master Board Games Rock!

Finally, let's talk tea. For me, there is only one tea worth drinking, and that's Yorkshire Tea Gold. Loose leaf is best, but a hassle, and the bag tea still brews a fine cup or two. It's considerably more expensive than Lipton's, but it's worth it. Aromatic, strong, but lacking in bitterness, I usually drink it with no sugar, no milk, it tastes fine straight, though drinking a strong English tea straight is probably an acquired taste. They recommend drinking this with milk and sugar, but that's for wimps. Finely Crafted English Tea Rocks!


bill said...

I'll have to try your tea. I'm a Darjeeling drinker myself. Lapsong Souchong is also good or Gunpowder Pearl for a green tea. No one with tastebuds drinks Lipton, I wouldn't even make basic iced tea with that crap (get luzianne or the grocery store generic). Somewhere I have a half written article on tea brewing paraphernalia I need to finish. Short version: disposable paper brewing cups are nice, but expensive and you'll run out of them. I like a large ball strainer for a cup or a french drip for many cups.

XWL said...

Sounds like you have the equipment to go loose leaf, so I recommend going that way, also the different grades of tea they sell have differing taste, so you might prefer the regular rather than the gold, whichever you get all their products are high quality.

(and he said ball strainer, heh heh)

I was able to find this tea in the local Ralph's (Krogers semi-upscale chain in the West), but that might be due to the large English population on the Westside. When I was in Riverside this stuff was nowhere to be found, even at the Ralph's in the upscale neighborhood above UCR.

And my grandmother drinks Lipton (and she also is the worst cook I've ever known, she seems mostly devoid of a discriminating palate).