11 September 2006

Rounding Up the Round Ups

It's a day of reflection all over the blogosphere (but not here, just links to others' thoughts).

A good round up of links can be found at Tammy Bruce's blog.

A good round up of left side of the blogosphere reflections can be found at Outside the Beltway, posted by James Joyner (the sinistral are unfortunately predictable in their tone and take on events).

My personal round up of reflections is as follows

  • Prof. Althouse reposts her recollection of her thoughts that day.
  • Victor David Hanson, who's just started blogging, adds his thoughts to the mix.
  • Strategy Page gives a good rundown of where we are in the Global War on Terror.
  • Steven Den Beste posts at ChicagoBoyz and drops some truth about glorious disunity.
  • Andrew Sullivan has been unusually uncrappy all day, just scroll through the archives for the week to see.
  • Reader I Am, posting at Done With Mirrors, writes about not knowing what to write and ends up writing exactly what should be written.
  • Finally, the next President of the United States, has this to say, you should listen to him, and you best vote for him in the primaries and in the general election. The country needs him, or someone like him, leading us into the second decade of the 3rd millennia.

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