12 September 2006

I Can't Wait Till They Have Something To Really Conspiracy Theorize About

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and bestest buddy Hugo Chavez are going to visit good friend Fidel Castro and then travel together to New York for some UN sponsored death to America, death to Israel fest on Sept 19th, also known as just another day of meetings of the UN General Assembly.

If they fly on the same plane, that plane is soooooo gonna crash.

Instead of suggesting that theories about 9/11 being concocted by the USA might 'not be absurd', this will give their supporters something to really conspiracy theorize about.

Given that they are most likely to fly on some old Soviet era plane, using Soviet trained pilots, a crash without nefarious reasons behind it, isn't out of the question.

And while I'm at it, Death to both Castros, Death to Chavez, Death to Ahmadinejad, Long Live Freedom in Cuba, Long Live Freedom in Venezuela and Long Live Freedom in Iran those nations will be free of their dictators, if not in a few years, then in a few decades. Freedom isn't easy, but tyrants' hold on their people, though long lasting at times, will eventually slip. In opposition to the inevitable decline of dictatorships, no country with a functioning two or more party democracy of more than a few decades has ever slipped into tyranny, and I suspect none ever will. Democracy has defeated tyranny everywhere they have faced off, the only time tyranny is victorious is when they defeat other tyrannies.

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Icepick said...

X, when I first heard about this gathering, I had a Michael Corleone-type thought: "Today we settle all Family business." Here's to Conspiracy Theory!