21 September 2006

Disingenuous Outrage

(hat tip Drudge)

Rep. Rangel and Rep. Pelosi are SHOCKED! SHOCKED! I say that a foreign leader would come to the United States and denounce our President.

Of course, what Chavez said was milder than most of the comments that either of these folks have uttered over the past 6 years.

Their snap polls must have shown that this speech polled poorly with US voters, and that voters were making their own connection between rabid anti-Bush statements by Democrats and foreign leaders echoing similar remarks.They must have thought to themselves, we better get out in front on this.

Maybe that explains why the Chavez and Ahmadinejad jets from Havana (though being such good buddies, they flew separately, maybe they read my post and got a little worried) didn't have the hoped for 'accidents' I was predicting.

They both served a useful function in domestic politics.

The Democrats can denounce all they want, but any smart political ad director can splice together a 30 second spot that has Rep. Pelosi and Rep. Rangel saying much the same crap as Ahmadinejad and Chavez. The spot practically writes and edits itself.

The planes of those two 'loose cannon' world leaders landing safely in NYC was all part of an eeeevil Karl Rove-ian plot.

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