20 September 2006

It Smells of Sulphur Here

The translation of the ending of Fidel Wannabe Hugo Chavez rant/speech before the UN, "It Smells of Sulphur Here".

He received a warm response in house, naturally. And he clutched a Chomsky tome as if it were a bible, big surprise there.

But, some things said on the schoolyard remain true, even in the halls of diplomacy.

He Who Smelt It, Dealt It.

(it was so said, now it is so written, amen)

Links will follow, this news is still, "breaking".

UPDATE: Here's a link to Allahpundit's post at Hot Air of the video, and also there are plenty of other links.

Also, those bastards at Conan O'Brien's show stole my joke!

(what do you mean that this was an obvious joke that was probably spontaneously generated in the minds of millions?)

Also, I'm sticking with the old school British spelling, I don't care if the international standard spelling is Sulfur, now. I prefer the 'ph' spelling.

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