25 August 2006

It's Friday . . .

. . . but still no funk. You can be funky as you want to be, but I think the Friday Funk Lyric thing has been played out.

Instead some quick thoughts on stupid things.

At Winds of Change, an Angelyne!! sighting.

The new Survivor gimmick (politicians calling for the pulling of the show are even stupider than CBS) reeks of desperation and is stupid, insulting and likely edited in a way to make everyone look like a jerk. However, the Hispanics are going to kick ass (my reasons, they have an experienced camper, a cop, a coach, and a wrestler, while the other teams have problems, team whitey has two hippie chicks, team indigo looks set up for internal conflict along class lines, and team East Asia has the whole problem of differing groups of East Asians frequently not liking each other working against them)

(also maybe it's just me but five or six of the guys on this year's addition set of my gaydar, not that there's anything wrong with that, and not that gaydar really exists in the first place, but look at the profiles and you'll see what I mean)

At Gawker, Blue States Lose is always worth a look (so long as you like looking at hipster losers and reading profanity laced NSFW descriptions of the antics)

Ana Marie Cox filling in for Andrew Sullivan, goes back to her Wonkette roots and posts a link to a suggestive Malaysian add for the iGallop, worth a look.

Speaking of Andrew Sullivan, I'd say David Weigel (just scroll down, any post he authored will make my point) is doing the best job filling in, given that he's incomprehensible, assinine, and snotty. All things that have exemplified Mr. Sullivan of late, Michael Totten on the other hand seems totally out of place (good for him, bad for Sullivan).

At the Jerusalem Post they're champing at the bit for an election to be called and Likud or Israel Beiteinu to lead a new coalition. Kadima and Labor are in deep, deep trouble in Israel (the same poll suggests that Netanyahu remains a divisive figure and Likud would do better with Moshe Ya'alon as candidate for Prime Minister).

Also at JPost, when Ayatollah Khamenei is the MODERATE, you know the potential for trouble is massive.

This post almost resembles a weekending aintwrongness collection, with a few tweaks it could have been so.

Either way, it's Friday, enjoy it in all of its funkiness, or unfunkiness, the degree of funk you achieve today and this weekend is entirely up to you.

(I can't end this post without some YouTube funkiness, click on the below video, if you dare (Tom Jones+Sly Stone on The Midnight Special in 1976!!)

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SippicanCottage said...

That's ten kinds of wonderful right there. The man from Wales and the fellow from outa space.

The riot master was really really good. Happy hippie stuff.