24 August 2006

What the Hell Does He Mean Anyway?

The opening paragraph from a recent NYT review of Ford's latest souped up Mustang

IN a rare alignment of the stars — and the bars — my test drive of the new Shelby GT500 took place over the Fourth of July. Parading along the streets of Brooklyn, Ford’s retro muscle car became part of the celebration, a two-ton American flag with white racing stripes.

Ummmm, is he stupid enough not to know the difference between the meaning of the phrases 'stars and stripes' and 'stars and bars'?

Also, he could have easily written 'in a rare alignment of the stars --- and the stripes ---', and it would have worked just fine.

I guess all flag wavers are the same, rednecks the lot of them (at least from the perspective of a NYT journalist).


bill said...

What an idiot. And isn't that type of paint job usually refered to as striping, anyway?

For the sentence to work, he could have driven on any of the Confederate Memorial Days. None in NY, though.

XWL said...

Just shows they don't have a single Southerner any where near the editorial department at the NYT.

I can't see how anyone from anywhere within our borders wouldn't have seen that line and smelled something fishy, though.

You have to wonder sometimes what editors look for as they edit nowadays.

Pastor_Jeff said...

Hey, maybe it's a Mustang with a General Lee paint job!