25 August 2006

Eliza Gauger Is a Traitor to Her Gender

(UPDATE: Post edited to reflect the correct name of Eliza Gauger (not Gardner, don't know where that came from, oops))

Eliza Gauger at Kotaku posts about this Telegraph article regarding how girls play Sims.

Here's the post's wrap-up

I forget that most of you have never seen into the brain of a wee lass, and even those that have (I know we have some female readership) may have either forgotten it, repressed it, or lived one of those bizarre, "innocent" childhoods. But rest assured, when given a safe place to practice cruelty free of consequence, most children will take the opportunity with stunning eagerness.

Boys have a well-documented and wholesome love of destruction, but when girls display similar sadism, people become hilariously unsettled.

Shhhhhhh, you aren't supposed to mention that out loud. The official line remains that girls are made of all things such as splenda (sugar's out, too fattening) and spice (those remain OK, so long as they were harvested using 'fair trade' practices), and everything nice.

Someone should inform the Instapundit, he's mentioned more than once that the Instadaughter enjoys that game (his take on the benefit of playing sims here from TCS Daily)

I like the not so subtle insult she plants in that paragraph regarding the likelihood that all the folks who read Kotaku are most likely loveless, lonely, housebound geeks who haven't touched a woman they didn't pay for the privilege in quite some time.

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