06 July 2006

Lefty Loser Lopez Obrador

The lefty loser Lopez Obrador is pulling a Gore.

The recount didn't go his way, so street protests, and general whining is the order of the day.


What does Reuters' propagandist for Lopez Obrador have to say?

(Alistair Bell writes)

Lopez Obrador complained the recount was carried out too quickly to be accurate and cast doubt on the impartiality of the Federal Electoral Institute, or IFE.

"No one can declare himself the winner," he said. "There are serious doubts over the way the IFE acted," he said.

Mexico's left has been wary of election fraud since a 1988 presidential vote it lost, almost certainly due to government manipulation of the vote count to help its own candidate.

Claims by Lopez Obrador and his aides that Sunday's vote may have been fraudulent are widely believed by supporters.

"They are robbing us. We are ready to continue our fight," said Alejandra Arcos, 50, a secretary, outside Lopez Obrador's campaign headquarters.

Meanwhile a better account of the recount can be had also from Reuters (but not from their in house propagandist for Lopez Obrador)

Conservative presidential candidate Felipe Calderon won a narrow victory on Thursday in an election that divided Mexico, but his leftist rival vowed to fight the result in the courts and on the streets.

The Harvard-educated Calderon was elected with 35.88 percent of the vote and Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, a combative left-wing former Mexico City mayor, trailed close behind on 35.31 percent, final official results showed.

Lopez Obrador angrily claimed the election last Sunday was plagued with irregularities and pledged to fight it in Mexico's electoral tribunal.

He also called a rally of supporters in Mexico City's vast central square for Saturday, raising fears of street protests and further unrest as well as weeks of legal wrangling similar to that which followed the U.S. presidential election in 2000.

The tone of these two pieces is vastly different (read the rest at the links). It's hard to believe that the same wire service would put out both reports. Clearly one of these lacks objectivity, I think you can tell which one I would accuse of that lack, but seems that either the editors at Reuters should label one or the other as commentary and not news, or make sure that their news when presented as objective and unbaised doesn't betray an obvious slant one way or the other.

And some folks wonder why others are suspicious of the so-called 'objective' media.

I'm glad Calderon's victory has been confirmed by the recount, there were some nervous moments on Wednesday when it looked like the results may have been otherwise.

Calderon will be dogged by claims against his legitimacy, that's par for the course for loser lefties, regardless of which country they are in. Hopefully the losers will stick to words and not violence, that's not something that's assured in Mexico. Peace and prosperity is what they need, not only for them, but also for us on this side of the border. A shooting civil war between the leftist of the south and the semi-conservatives of the north would be a disaster for Mexico, and that disaster would become our problem as well as it would exacerbate the illegal immigration problem and fuel deadly confrontations between Mexicans with differing allegiances to the combatants back home. Living in Los Angeles you learn how different someone from Oaxaca is from someone from Nuevo Leon from someone from Michoacan, regional rivalries have a way of being maintained even as they come up here, and many Mexican communities within Los Angeles are segregated by region of origin. A shooting Civil War in Mexico would encourage the criminal elements within those communities to attack each other up here as well.

Lopez Obrador's early rhetoric is dangerous and inflammatory, hopefully the people of Mexico are smart enough to refuse to be enflamed into starting a nation rending conflagration.

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