06 July 2006

"I'm Not a Mod or a Rocker . . ."

. . . Yet I'm still going to have to go see some of these films, anyway.

(What you thought I was going to say, "I'm a mocker"?)

The Mods & Rockers Film Festival hits L.A. starting next week and for the next six weeks after.

They've gone big and bloated rather than small and focused, what started as one weekend of English films from a very specific time, has now been expanded to encompass films all the way back to Elvis' Love Me Tender to a new documentary on The Police.

Still plenty of the Richard Lester stuff, though. That's what I'm after. Even though I hate the damn dirty hippies, I love those damn sleazy swingers (think Austin Powers).

So highlights are A Hard's Day Night at the Aero in Santa Monica on July 15th, and Barbarella paired with Danger:Diabolik on July 16th.

You can be dead certain that I won't be near the Aero the following week on July 22nd when they have a double feature of Hair and Jesus Christ Superstar (unless it's to dump gallons of bath water on all the damn dirty hippies that are bound to show up).

Instead I'll probably be in Hollywood watching the Duffy and The Jokers double feature, much more interesting, and both films aren't on DVD, so not as easy to see otherwise.

For those in the area, or just to rub it in if your not, here is the lineup of films at the Egyptian in Hollywood, and the lineup of films at the Aero in Santa Monica.

If you catch some of these films, have fun, if not, think about a DVD double feature one lazy July or August weekend of "swinging" 60s films, you could do a lot worse.

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