05 July 2006

I'm Surprised France Hasn't Changed Their Flag

(hat tip Drudge)

From Agence France-Presse, this report on the 'flag epidemic' in the United States.

No byline on this article, just AFP.


I don't know how the French can wave a flag that shares the same three colors with our (and for that matter, Great Britain's) flag. You'd think they'd find some more appropriate national standard.

The pure white of a flag of surrender comes to mind. Either that or a coq rosé (that's a pink rooster, you silly, dirty minded folks) proudly displayed in the middle of a champ jaun (a yellow field, or jaundiced if you prefer)

I think a pink chicken centered in a jaundiced field exemplifies France much better than the drapeau tricolore. It's time to face facts and accept their current national character.

Their flag should reflect that (total and utter lack of) character.

I give to you below a quick and dirty mock-up (emphasis on the mock) of a new French flag. (and thanks to whichever clip-art artist made that cartoonish young rooster, it's the exact image I was thinking of)

Feel free to share and disseminate this image as widely and promiscuously as you choose.


Michelle Malkin attacks the same story, in her own inimitable style, but so far no suggestions for a new French flag.

(it did seem like there was plenty of flag waving by the French today (très visqueux) while France was busy beating Portugal)

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