05 July 2006

Former Sec. of State Madeleine Albright, Break Out Those Dancing Shoes

(your favorite dance partner awaits, put on your best ball gown, Sec. Albright)

Why would any organization contact Sec. Albright with regards to her thoughts on North Korea?

She has no credibility as far as I'm concerned.

She danced, Kim lied, and the Clinton Administration was either incredibly foolish, or incredibly cynical in signing the deal they agreed to with North Korea.

Yet CNN feels compelled to use her as their 'go to' expert with regards to North Korea (it's worse than I thought, they also felt compelled to talk to former National Security Advisor Sandy 'I don't know how those papers got in my pants' Berger, as well, Larry King transcripts, here)

Disgusting, yet typical, but still no signs of any media bias, that's just crazed Rethuglican nonsense.

I'll trust Austin Bay's insights and judgements over Sec. Albright.

Also at Powerline Blog, they linked to this photoset of life within the Hermit Kingdom. It's extensive and worth the visit. One commenter suggested that it should be preserved as is, turned into a Communist theme park, to serve as a reminder and a warning to any future generations that might again be deluded enough to think Marx and Engels were on to something pretty good back in the 19th Century.

And if she wants to take it upon herself to head over to Kim Jong Il's "beautiful city" and have another twirl on the dance floor, I say, you go girl! (and don't come back)

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