27 June 2006

In Hippie Hatred, I Keep Good Company

I've taken a few blogs off my link list, and added one, Ken Jennings - Blog (hat tip Prof. Orin Kerr at Volokh Conspiracy). I plan on beating his Jeopardy! streak should the good folks at Jeopardy! ever have the gumption to call me back and have me on the show (looks like I missed another season, guess I'll have to pass the test again next year). But what really sealed the deal for my linking his blog was his FAQ section.

From his AT (After Trebek) FAQ here's this little bit
What did you do with the money?
After taking care of the three essential T's (taxes, tithing, and new widescreen TV) it was a lot less than the three-million-plus you saw on Jeopardy!, but it was still more money than I ever thought I'd have in my entire life. Most of that is invested in your usual boring places: stocks, bonds, real estate, etc. I don't want to be one of these lottery winners you see bankrupt on TV a few years later, having already lost it all. Some has already gone to charity, and I plan to do a lot more of that. I don't really have a pet cause, but I can see quite a bit going to educational causes—scholarships and the like. This is not an invitation to e-mail me about paying off your student loans.

and the pay-off is in his last question and answer in the FAQ
So, what about paying off my student loans?
Get a job, hippie!

Great minds think alike. Just the same, I won't be joining the Mormon Church anytime soon. His blog has its quirks (and no comment section, but it does have a message board) and he's shilling a book coming out in September, still looks like a blog worth paying attention to (also you may be able to get some head over there).

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Pastor_Jeff said...

Count me in the Cartman Club with you and Ken.

My solution? I think the humane thing to do is let them have that piece of land out west, wherever they hold Burning Man, and make them all live there on a reservation. If they think "the man" is ruining everything, they can try their hands at communal living on their own land. If we could inter the Japanese in WWII, why not the hippies? They're certainly a greater threat to America.

That's my modest proposal.