27 June 2006

Adam Morrison is Proud of His Tears

So EASports has begun advertising NBALive 07 and they've chosen Adam Morrison for their spokesplayer, even though Tracy McGrady is on the cover.

Seems kind of strange to feature him in the ad campaign, but I guess they figure with the draft tomorrow, rookies are what folks are talking about, and he will be one of the most talked about rookies regardless of which team takes him ('he shouldn't have been picked so high!' or alternately, 'those teams that passed on him are going to be sorry'). There's video of the ads at the link, and one is called Mustache (all about that skeevy 70s porn star bit of fuzz on his upper lip, he wants to return the days of the mustache to the NBA, will he also try and bring back the super tight short shorts?) another is called Emotion (all about his tearful exit from the NCAA Tourney at the hands of UCLA) and also one called Nicknames (he lists acceptable nicknames, like 'Big Vanilla Earthquake', 'The Great Mustachio', and 'Disco Thunder Dunk'). Interesting ads, never been a fan of the series though, basketball doesn't translate to console gaming the way football does.

Also congrats to Dwayne Wade, you've become the first NBALive cover player to lead his team to the NBA Championship during the same season he appeared on the cover (what jinx?), I don't think cover star Tracy McGrady will be following in his footsteps for 07-08, though.

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