27 June 2006

But With a Name Like Nuts . . .

There's a bill brewing in British Parliament to relegate "Lads Mags" to the top shelf of retail racks along with the truly hardcore porn (due to the increasing nipple count). The Telegraph has a point-counterpoint competing essay feature on the subject. (and as usual, when it comes to nanny type measures like the PMRC or V-Chip here in the States, it's the more liberal political party that often takes the lead, in this case the bill was introduced by Labour)

Tom Leonard, the Telegraph Media Editor, takes the pro side, and he's more interested in attacking them for their violence and low level of discourse rather than the nipple count. Plus in the below quoted paragraph they censor an expletive, yet I'm not even sure what expletive they are censoring, any anglophiles out there willing to fill in the blanks should do so in the comments, here's a taste of his defense of the bill
The same issue also features graphic images from the "sickest film ever made", "UK's hardest gingers 2006 - Who's the toughest freckle-faced freak?" and an interview with an underworld enforcer. The hard man's "equipment" section shows a range of his weapons, or what Maxim calls "stuff to s--- people up with".

For the opposing viewpoint, the Telegraph engages the Editor of Nuts Magazine (probably NSFW here in the USA) who makes perfectly clear some of what distinguishes his magazine from the harder fare
The uncovered female breast is as far as we go at Nuts. Pornography is about pictures of vaginas, penises, anuses, oral and group sex. To bracket the popular mainstream press with this sector is deliberately misleading.

And yet, as I read that I think to myself, 'self, don't you think a magazine called 'Nuts' should at least have an uncovered testicle or two from time to time?', and to that query I have no answer.

Anyway, good to see the British Parliament attack the major issues of the day.

And mostly unrelated, should Rupert Murdoch ever decide to challenge the LATimes with a NYPost/The Sun style tabloid, I'll subscribe, so long as he adds some good old fashion Page 3 style frontal nudity each day

(Page 3 girls RULE!)

(and I think NYC could handle some page 3 style frontal nudity, blow people's minds and brighten up the NYPost some)

(also, maybe I'll take up golf)

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