27 June 2006

Chingada Venezuela

Americans are the most patriotic folks in the world, according to this poll (hat tip Drudge) reported by AP.

Well that patriotism manifests itself in many ways here, I think Team America: World Police, and in particular one of the songs in that film, is one of the purest most wonderful expressions of that patriotism.

Let's see someone write a song Chingada Venezuela, then I'll believe they might be a real challenger to our crown, rather than a distant pretender.

Being that it's an AP report, they can't help but praise Hugo Chavez for the unifying and pride generating effect he's had on his people.

Somehow credit for Americans' patriotism doesn't flow forth from President Bush's leadership.

Also, polls like this are ridiculous in the extreme, meaningless, and most likely will be used by media types in other countries to once again assert how evil and dangerous Americans are and how sophisticatedly global in outlook their own citizenry happen to be.

The writer for AP failed to make perfectly clear how superior the European attitude of NOT being proud of your country is compared to our childish American pride of place, but I'm sure others will make that point for her.

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