28 June 2006


It must be nice to be so intellectually consistent.

I'm talking about Prof. Juan Cole of University of Michigan. No matter what happens, he has one consistent and constant answer.

The grand unified theory of SW Asian politics is the simple and always greedily consumed, it's Israel's fault.
The incursion was made necessary by the Sharon-Olmert unwise policy of unilateral withdrawal. Unilateral withdrawal means that no structure was put in place for security in the evacuated terrirories, which increasingly look like a failed state, a Somalia. The PLO and Hamas have fought hot encounters recently.

Got that, Hamas doesn't get the blame for not controlling the crazies within their own party and within their own borders from doing the hostage taking thing (and reaping the retribution those actions have brought), nope, that wouldn't be consistent with Prof. Cole's pre-existing narrative of always blaming Israel for absolutely everything under the sun.

(He's too sexy for that shirt, AND IT'S ALL BECAUSE OF A ZIONIST PLOT!!!)

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