16 May 2006

When in Rome . . .

. . . do as the Romans.

When near Paris, do as les Parisiennes.

From an AP Wire story, seems in a suburb of Paris a street has been named for copkiller radical (and darling of the left) Mumia Abu-Jamal.

Frenchmen seem to think it is their natural right (I was going to type god-given, but France banned gods long ago) to piss everywhere. Well that's one street I'd be glad to piss on, if not defecate as well (who could tell the difference there anyway, they still haven't figured out that they should curb their dogs in sophisticated Paris).

The French might as well all be hippies, they're that disgusting at times.

(hat tip Michelle Malkin)

As a side note, while looking up info on curbing dogs in Paris, I came across a NYC-centric story regarding the problem from Gothamist entitled A Modest Dog Poop-rosal, so naturally I link.

UPDATE: Reader I Am, posting at Done With Mirrors (this is the circular link, linking the link that links my link, link) was kind enough to hat tip me as she links to the same article. What is proper netiquette regarding hat tipping a hat tip anyway? The original hat tip goes to a reader of Michelle Malkin who emailed her the story, I'm just relating the story I saw, and spinning it a bit, hopefully with some humor mixed in with the anger. Reader I Am does much the same, though she includes more of the story (as did Malkin) in the body of her post. Usually I prefer just linking, especially if my commentary doesn't really reflect upon specifics of the post, but rather the overall article.

Anyway, links are always appreciated, and I wouldn't be surprised at all if Rue du Tookie does intersect Rue de Abu-Jamal at some point in the near future.

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What a load. Linked.