14 May 2006

You Ain't Wrong (Week Ending 14 May 06)

It's another week, and I'm a bit tardy, stuff and things, and all, the real weekendingaintwrongness follows this placeholder tomorrow.

UPDATE: On to the real weekly round up of what struck me last week as being especially aintwrong.

Tammy Bruce, You Ain't Wrong, Weekly features, posted on weekends (sort of like this one) kick ass. Weekly features that also serve as an excuse to post cheesecake-y pictures of hot women, well that kicks all sorts of ass. A woman who loves other women, posting pictures and musings on a different hot woman each week, that kicks more ass than I can possibly quantify. Using 'kicks ass' and its variants as your only modifier of choice, doesn't really kick so much ass. (one other thing, the above pic links to the page for the book that cover is for, and please Tammy, we need a properly cheesecake-y photo of you, too)

Neo-Neocon, You Ain't Wrong, Take the crazies to task, they deserve it, and they're dangerous. The path of least resistance is Bush and America Hatred, but down that path leads destruction.

Victoria, You Ain't Wrong, Speaking of crazies, that picture leaves me pretty confuzzled as well.

Amy Ridenour, You Ain't Wrong, For pointing out the joys of socialized medicine.

Prof. Althouse, You Ain't Wrong, Shorts in the workplace, whether it's on women or men (and even if the folks in the shorts have the body to pull it off), should be shunned, ridiculed, and rejected.

Mary Katharine Ham (posting at Hugh Hewitt), You Ain't Wrong, For attending the Personal Democracy Forum in NYC. Also you are definitely not wrong in poking fun at the often shrill, often ignorant, Jill from Feministe. I think in that Feministe v Trippi fight, Trippi will be the first to start pulling hair.

The Anchoress, You Ain't Wrong, For your Idolatry. It may be a sin, but that's why there's freedom of choice. The sinning makes the grace that much more graceful (and yes, I noticed your warning that you aren't talking about real idolatry, but the internet is partially fueled by small understandings spinning out of control into large sources of incendiary matter).

La Shawn Barber, You Ain't Wrong, For staying on top of the developments of the Duke Lacrosse team Witchhunt. You've attacked the case against the players with healthy doses of the facts, and reasonable speculation regarding what the fact pattern suggests. The race-baiting, grievance merchants are trying to spin this case into something that it's not. Unsurprisingly, the anti-masculine campus victimologists jumped on this immediately and assumed the worst about these jocks (many of whom committed the heinous crime of being born privileged). Continue bringing the perspective regarding this case, don't let anyone off easy who tries to profit from this. No more Al Sharptons!

Finally, to the whole blogosphere, Y'all Weren't Wrong, for posting your musings on Mother's Day, Whether reminiscing (many, here, here, and especially here), warning (from Bill at So Quoted, about going to a restaurant on that day) , appreciating (Victoria at Sundries), going to see United 93 (Ruth Anne Adams at Maternal Optimist quoting Psalms 138:21-22, IT is time to get Old Testament on their ASSES, Jesus was waaaay too much of a hippie for times like these), being a good husband and giving a proper gift to the mother of your child (James Lileks, Bleating as usual), or waxing philosophical (Gregory Sullivan at Sippican Cottage, with photo!). There were scads more, but the many I link to give you a bit of variety for your post Mother's day ruminations.

(and lefties have mothers, too. They just seem more embarrassed about the fact)

There's been some antiaintwrong going on this week as well. It's an ever present force, harshing everyone's mellow. This week's mellow harsher in extremis was without a doubt President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadenijad, with your crazed, sprawling, probably written in crayon letter. You sir, are a blight on this globe. Either you are a puppet of the sclerotic, corrupt mad mullahs who have ruined Iran, or you are a crazed populist who fancies himself the son of Xerxes (your words not mine), the Mahdi, or just another Little Hitler. Either way, your letter is laughable, your rhetoric familiar (shouldn't it disturb the left that Ahmadenijad sounds so much like them?), your hatred for the US and Israel will be your undoing, don't take down all of Iran with you. You face an existential crisis, not us. If you can convince peacenik Israeli Vice Premier Shimon Peres to threaten to blow you to kingdom come, you've crossed a line no sane person should cross.

So without any more words antiaintwrongness=mahmoudahmadenijadness


bill said...

That bill at soquoted is a real a-hole for crapping on Mother's Day and I'm delinking him.

reader_iam said...

Bill? Who's Bill? You mean that "wherein" guy who actually believed his wife when she told him not to cook at all day?

And who drinks liver milkshakes?

Never heard of him.

vh: bezoo

(conflating bill with yazoo)

reader_iam said...

XWL: You outdid yourself this week; this "You Ain't Wrong," to coin a phrase, "kicks ass."

reader_iam said...

him not to cook at all day?

... him not to cook all day in honor of mothers everywhere?