17 May 2006

The Tasty Fruits of Gerrymandering

During the TNT showing of the 2OT Clippers-Suns game (tough loss for the Clips, but they'll win game 6 on Thu, and Game 7 on Mon), two ads ran for Democratic Primary candidates for Congress, in district CA-36. That's something I've never seen before. The election is on 06/06/06, so maybe the crazies figure that crazies have a better chance of winning than normal.

The candidates who paid to reach beer swilling Clipper fans (most of the other ads during the game were for Heineken) in the South Bay were current Rep. Jane Harman (and enemy of all things Kossack, apparently), and "Peace" Activist Marcy Winograd (Russian for 'City of Drunks', I believe).

The ads looked like they were produced in an identical fashion, in the same fake library/den/office, with the same crew. Both were paid for by 'friends' of either candidate. The ads are basically Rep. Harman claiming to be moonbat friendly despite being pro-defense, and Ms. Winograd proclaiming her Allegiance to all things Kos, and for which they Stand, Disunited, Easily Divisible, with Tin Foil, Incoherent Slogans, and Papier Mache Effigies for All.

If the District hadn't been carved in such a manner as to ensure that 75-80% of voters registered to a party were Democrats, no extremist moonbat who spews the entire Kos party line would even be able to sniff at a Congressional seat in the South Bay (which for a long time was a blue collar/white collar mix of light industry and defense/space industry folks, not anymore). The district (pdf at link), hugs the coast from Venice to near Long Beach, yet manages to miss the more conservative coastal community of Palos Verdes.

If Winograd doesn't defeat Harman, that's bad news for the crazies. Harman has been described often as a 'blue dog' Democrat, and she used to be proud of being a pro-defense Democrat. She's run and won in this funky district before, but she's never been challenged from the left, and she's vulnerable on that flank.

Gerrymandering+Netroots Activists=Wingnuts running for, and possibly winning Democratic primaries, and given the nature of the unbalanced districts, probably finding themselves in Congress to spew their idiocy in front of a national audience.

Nothing could be better for Republicans and worse for Democrats.

There's an Irish-Americans for Winograd for Congress Fundraiser at O'Brien's Pub here in Santa Monica (even though this city lies outside of her district), I'm very tempted to put on my tinfoil, and stop bathing till then so I fit in with all those dirty, crazed psuedo-hippies, just to see how those folks act in a 'friendly' environment.

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