08 May 2006

Site Changes

I've changed a few things to the side-bar. I've added Christopher Althouse's new blog to the blogroll, cause I find myself visiting there daily, so that's usually an indication that the site needs to be blogrolled.

I've changed the poll on the sidebar (and remember, vote early, vote often (insert joke about that being the common practice of the party you despise, here)), inspired by House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi's (pictured above, borrowed from Drudge's choice of absolute worst looking moment for the ever shocked Representative) appearance on Meet the Press, she asserts that if the election were held today, the Dems would sweep to power. I assert that if the election were held today, everyone would be very surprised. Unlike those screwed up parliamentary countries, we have a set schedule as to when our elections happen.

Finally, I've updated the last couple of weeks of aintwrongness and friday funkness on the sidebar, had been remiss for the past few weeks in that duty. I'll endeavor to stay on top of that.

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