08 May 2006

He Beat Me To It

(hat tip, Instapundit)

I was going to say something very similar, to what John McIntyre posted at RealClearPolitics.

Of course, I was going to be much less thorough and well researched, but I would have come to the same conclusion, it would be a disaster for the Democrats to take over the House in the 2006 elections, and would all but ensure a Republican President, an increased majority in the Senate along with a solid majority in the House in the 2008 should the Dems get control of all those House committees in 2006.

The base would scream bloody murder if they don't set up each committee to investigate every last action of the past 6 years under the Bush Administration, and they'd be forced to either stand up to those that want socialized everything, higher taxes, and greater regulations on all sorts of businesses, or acquiesce and try to thoroughly destroy the current low-tax, low-regulation inspired prosperity.

Suddenly, the never met a bill he wouldn't sign President, would be come Mr. Veto, and we'd have complete gridlock in the government (which every other time has happened, proved to be beneficial to the general populace, government which is least able to compromise and get anything done seems to be government which governs best (to mangle a quote))

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