08 May 2006

All About Hookers

OK, the title of this post is a lie, this won't be all about prostitution, but it will be somewhat about prostitution.

The latest Hookergate (link goes to Michelle Malkin's video piece for Hot Air) controversies involving folks in DC is all and good, but don't for a moment think that this is unique to DC.

Here in sunny Southern California there are two annual events that increase the likelihood that while visiting local hotspots you will encounter ladies with fit bodies and improbable bustlines (while carrying Louis Vitton bags).

(bad syntax there, it sounds as if I were the one carrying the Louis Vitton, and not the ladies)

That would be this week's E3 and the annual AFM (which now occurs in November). E3 is dweeb, nerd, and geek heaven. And when and where ever there is a heavy concentration of worldwide geekdom, there also seems to be a comensurate concentration of young women who appear to make the world's oldest profession their own.

I'm not talking skanky, streetwalkers with pimps, these are top-flight strippers, elegant European lasses, and women who are capable of holding a conversation worth eavesdropping upon.

Once, this time of year I picked up a friend from LAX, and having arrived a bit early (and his flight being delayed by over an hour), I watched many arrivals, mostly from NYC, Houston and Atlanta. Each plane had at least 3-4 women who looked like they were arriving in LA for 'business'. It made the wait rather entertaining.

Some might only be working the booths (supposedly, booth babes have been banned, but I'll believe it when I don't see it) and not actually providing other services, but if I were a woman who already was in that business, mobile, and highly desirable, I wouldn't hesitate to find my way to Los Angeles during the time E3 is in LA (also, I'm sure there's a market (though smaller) for attractive young men as well).

AFM is a different sort of beast. It's the American Film Market, and it's where foreign film buyers come to pick up smaller American films for distribution. That's held right here in Santa Monica, and when it's here, the number of squat bald men with lanky blonde women (of all ethnicities) on their arms increases exponentially. It's fascinating. As that attracts mostly foreigners, it seems most of the women working that crowd are also imported. It's a great time to practice your Russian, especially.

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