07 May 2006

You Ain't Wrong (Week Ending 07 May 06)

Another week, no week feels finished until the aintwrong has been pointed out (really it doesn't).

NZ Bear, You Ain't Wrong, for updating your ecosystem. Charts always kick ass (and anyone who adds to my links wouldn't be wrong, either, link me please! (no I am not needy))

Christopher Althouse, You Ain't Wrong, for jumping into this blogging thing. 1000 hits your first week, if I were the jealous type, I'd scream nepotism, but since I'm not, I'll just say, so far interesting, keep it up and earn those eyeballs (with posts on hot button topics, such as this one, or this one, you can't fail)

Dr. Helen, You Ain't Wrong, If men live longer, women would be hardest hit.

Callimachus, You Ain't Wrong, Newsflash, Many newsrooms slant leftward.

Pajamas Media, You Ain't Wrong, In scheduling a weekly round-up podcast of blogdom, Glen Reynolds, Tammy Bruce, Eric Umansky and host Austin Bay play off each other well. Keep it up (and if you haven't listened before, stream it, or download it already).

LA Clippers, You Won't Be Wrong, when you defend the honor of the city of Los Angeles, and defeat the Phoenix Suns in 5 games. A 'hallway' series would have been awesome, will have to wait till next year when the Lakers and Clippers meet in the Western Conference Finals.

Tim Train and Brian Reynolds, You Ain't Wrong, for releasing Rise of Legends this week. I've been playing the demo (link to 750mb download) to death. Can't wait for the full game. Rise of Nations was great, this one looks better.

Enough aintwrongness, on to the antiaintwrongness. Tony Valdez working for LA's Fox affiliate Channel 11, spewed (Hot Air caught and posted the moment for all to hear) the standard Aztlan Reconquista crap about illegal immigrants not crossing the border but the border crossing them. For that, antiaintwrongness=tonyvaldezness

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