12 February 2006

You Ain't Wrong Weekend (Week ending 12 February 2006)

Another week, another week of Ain't Wrongness. Without further preliminaries

Pastor Jeff, You Ain't Wrong, about that kid's 'do. Grow up and get a proper haircut you damn, psuedo-hippie.

Victoria, You Ain't Wrong, (not that you could ever be wrong at all) regarding comparing behavior of the children of Abraham.

Glenn Reynolds, You Ain't Wrong, telling off CNN on their show. You distilled your opinion into the requisite soundbite size and got across what needed to be said, Bravo.

Michelle Malkin, You Ain't Wrong, for saying Ann Coulter was ill-considered in her choice of language while still keeping a focus on the forces we fight. You are a strong antidote to any possibility of American Dhimmitude.

The producers of Jeopardy!, A pre-emptive Y'all Ain't Wrong, should you decide to allow me to compete on your show. I promise to be entertaining.

That's it, there is much aintwrongness, and wrongness floating about in this world so I'll limit myself to just a few.

Now to get to more important work, developing that 'Which Alex Trebek are you (Moustache, Clean Shaven, Dark Afro, Short Grey Headed, etc.)?' quiz. . . .

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reader_iam said...

I mean to comment earlier: I love this feature of yours. Look foward to it, even.

And it keeps getting better and better, too!