13 February 2006


What to say about this?

I've got nothing (or maybe I have lots, and just don't have anything I'm comfortable sharing), yet I feel strangely compelled to link this item anyway, go figure.


Pooh said...

"And by caliber I mean both the high moral quality of their character and the size of their gun barrels. A homonym. Two meanings. Throw me a bone here."

reader_iam said...

Um, having at one time had call to use the super-duper, top-of-the line electronic breast pump (which resides in my attic still--I should put it on e-bay), you'll forgive me if I find this less than sexy.

Probably a girl thing.

; )

Pooh said...




XWL said...

You want T M I, I'll give you T M I

You've been sufficiently warned, it's out of my hands now if you click on this link (I would give credit where it's due, but I can't remember where I first saw this story linked)

And I'd make a comment about some of the more 'specialized' types of pornography, but not today.

Pooh said...

ARGHHHHH! (Claws out own eyes, like Oedipus Rex...)

VW: slfur (as in what this smells like, as in rotten eggs)

Pastor_Jeff said...

The original reminds me of Madonna circa 1992.

Reader -- not sexy; frightening.

And you can't give enough warnings about that second article, XWL. That's just wrong. Wrong, wronger, wrongest.