10 February 2006

Follow Up

For those who remember this post, you may be wondering how things went yesterday.

I auditioned for Jeopardy! and all I got was this lousy pen. . . . . (so far)

That's about it really, Since they conducted the online quiz first, everyone who was at the audition passed the 50 question quiz, played the mock game, and was interviewed by the producers.

They invited 21 folks (I think, I know it was a multiple of 3, possibly 18 or 24, I wasn't keeping track of how many mock games were conducted) and they comprised the usual Jeopardy! mix of literate folks. A few more 'industry' related folks than normal given that it was an L.A. only audition.

It's a way to spend a few hours, since I've been through this before I find the process surprisingly un-nervewracking. I only felt nervous after I was done and was watching others go through their paces. That's true of many things with me. I feel more pain through empathy than experience (call it the Disorderly Orderly Disorder if you will). Lots of folks who had been on Ben Stein's gameshow oddly enough, and Roseanne Barr's first Ex-Husband were among the auditionees.

I'm hopeful about getting on the show, I think I came across as charming and unlikely to get 'deer in the headlights-itis' during the real show, so hopefully they put me in the priority pile for getting on the show.

Plus as an added bonus, if I ever appear, I'll cease being anonymous and let everyone know who I am and when to see me on Jeopardy!.

Unfortunately, thousands qualify and only about 400 or so appear, so even after all of this my odds of being on the show are low. (oh well)


Pooh said...

Good luck, man. I'll watch, live-blog it, and this demonstrate that I pwn you...

(I keed)

reader_iam said...

I'll keep my fingers crossed.

And yes!! To the live-blogging (well, live-ish bloggin)!

And now I'm hearing Weird Al in my mind again ...

reader_iam said...

Say, can I borrow your pen for a sec'? (Sound of running feet.)