10 February 2006

Things you don't Expect

I saw something I didn't expect to see today.

One of my past English Professors was in a clip on a local newscast.

What's really surprising is that she was in the clip since she is the wife of a recently ordained Roman Catholic Priest.

(put that one in your pipe and smoke it, clip explains how this is possible)

(and she's an excellent Professor, she really made Medieval Literature come alive)

No direct video link (here's the link to the archive) but the video is under the heading 'Catholic Diocese Ordains First Married Priest'.

1 comment:

Pastor_Jeff said...


I grew up Episcopalian. One of the married priests we knew converted to Roman Catholocism, and I believe he was ordained. I think it's a good thing. Historically, it's only been since around AD 1000 that the RC church has forbid priests to marry (in response to sex scandals).

Did you see the moustache on your friend's husband? His bishop must be Wilford Brimley!