10 February 2006

Commercial Blogging, Part 4 (and finale)

The commercials of the second half just didn't impress me. The one's that I liked, and the one's that I didn't like simply didn't strike me in a way to afford an opportunity for praise or derision, so instead indifference.

Except for Gillette's Fusion ad.

Gillette scientest have been busy reverse engineering recently discovered alien technology

What great boon to mankind will this unleash?

Cheap plentiful energy?

No, silly, a superior and smoother shave. (now we know why those aliens are always so baby smooth, they aren't born that way, they have superior depillatory technology, which thanks to the scientest at Gillette they will now unleash on the Earth)

And is she thinking, 'duuude, his cheeks are smoother than mine, that ain't right'?

I don't know about this 'best a man can get' stuff either, I can think of at least 74 things better than a new multi-blade razor that are better, but that's just me.

But then, the Instapundit (and Wife) are duly impressed with this invention, so maybe unlocking this secret from those baby smooth grey aliens was really the best one to work on first.


Ben Crum said...

the great thing is that Gillette already studied and found that the most effective razor would be a 3 bladed one, they came out with one and immediately Schick came out with 4 - that's the only reason there is a 5 bladed razor.

Pastor_Jeff said...

Six! It has six blades! You flip it over and there's another secret blade for sideburn-trimming!

Those aliens thought of everything -- except for how to make a woman respect a man who uses six stinkin' blades to shave.

Pooh said...

After the six-bladed razor, next thing you know, we'll have the five-assed monkey. Beware the manimals.