09 February 2006

It's Probably Better Than What Those Other Aliens Do.

According to this report, the disappearance of the right shoes of many schoolgirls at one school in Japan isn't the work of some (human) fetishists, but instead evidence of alien interest in the footwear of Japanese schoolgirls.

Makes sense to me, I'm sure there aren't any fetishists willing to steal footwear running around Japan, ergo, must be aliens.

Beats the anal probes the aliens who visit our countryside seem to prefer. (Or does it? Maybe those anal probes are done in a loving and exciting manner, I really can't say)

Funny though, how a nation renowned for its shutterbug enthusiasm can't seem to produce snaps of these mysterious lights floating over one of the most populous places in the world.

As the number of video and still cameras has blossomed the number of UFO sightings seem to have dwindled, funny that.

Oh and it must be those darn Martians again, Venetians aren't as playful:
"Venetians tend to have friendly feelings toward Earthlings, so they're unlikely to do that sort of thing. Nearly all the aliens living together with humans are Martians. They're notorious for loving practical jokes. Take the mysterious field circles in Britain, or the cattle mutilation in the United States, where cows and calves were slaughtered in the fields and some of their meat carried off. Martians did all that," Nirasawa says. "I'd say the case of the stolen schoolgirl slippers was probably their doing, too. It's not unthinkable."

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