05 February 2006

Stephen Colbert is in the Closet

Stephen Colbert, in my opinion, is clearly in the closet.

He was the youngest of 11, a married, with kids, practicing Catholic. He can quote scripture at the drop of a hat. He plays coy when asked about his 'orientation' and often pokes fun of people on every end of the spectrum.

His affection for the real O'Reilly seeps through his performance as the 'faux' O'Reilly.

He's a closeted Republican, he just won't admit it in public or to his writing staff. Or else he'd lose his entry to Midtown Manhattan pass. (you may not enter the designated area if your head contains more than 33% Republican thoughts, (the scofflaws at FNC ignore this rule since they know the thoughtpolice have a non-existent enforcement regime))

Which closet did you think I was talking about anyway? (That would be the Anderson Cooper thread, which I am not about to speculate on)

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