05 February 2006

You Ain't Wrong Weekend (for the week ending 05 February 2006)

Another week another round of Aintwrongness.

Werner Herzog, You Ain't Wrong, simply for being Werner Herzog.

Dave Chappelle, You Ain't Wrong, for wondering whether or not you were being laughed 'at' or being laughed 'with', but get back to work so I can get back to laughing 'with' you again.

The folks at Giant Robot, Y'all Ain't Wrong, for running a pretty tasty (tiny) restaurant, (Had the Angus Beef Hamburger, it was yummy).

Christopher Hitchens, You Ain't Wrong, for being intolerant regarding intolerance (though his hatred of religion in all forms is a form of intolerance in itself, but let's ignore that for now).

Dr. Helen, You Ain't Wrong, regarding TV lately, cheap, easy (non)laughs at the expense of non-liberals is an addiction that has contributed to the plunging ratings.

Simon Cowell, You Ain't Wrong, for disparaging, ripping, cutting down, and telling the truth to the poor deluded souls that threaten your hearing and sanity with their pretensions of talent. (The first two weeks of Idol are the horror show portion, after that talent does emerge from time to time)

Everyone out there in the blogosphere, You Wouldn't Be Wrong, if you decide to join the buycott and pick up some Carlsberg beer, or even better Danish Ham, or better yet wash down your Danish Ham with Carlsberg beer. Or even better yet, should you be inclined to travel book a room at this hotel (check out the photos of all the rooms, impressive to headache-inducing, take your pick)

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