05 February 2006

The 'Real' Superbowl, DVR-Blogging the Commercials

UPDATE: I've been a bit slow getting through these, life gets in the way, but I'll finish up tonight after the planned blogger outtage, also iFilms has all the commercials and Pastor Jeff has his own thoughts up on his blog, read and enjoy)

I'll be watching the game, not the commercials, but the commercials often are what end up being discussed after the evening passes.

So in light of that I'm going to do some DVR-blogging (with screencaps) about the commercials run during the game.

If I get a chance I'll do so during the halftime show, but otherwise I'll post after the game.

(and I still think Stevie should have been the halftime act, also, Joss Stone blows chunks)

Also I'll update my predictions post tonight, and see reveal and document just how well (or poorly) I did.

OK here we go, I'm only counting those commercials that play from after kick-off. (screencaps forthcoming)

First up, Bud Light, Your typical office setting, but with a twist commercial (this twist, a scavenger hunt gone wild), meh.

Second, OMG!! WTF!! Busby Berkeley?!? Freaky KING?!?
The English Major who attended many Gender Studies courses wants to talk about the way this commercial plays with the notion of women as 'consumable' and how these societal precepts are shaped from an early age and infect everything from our language (She's a peach, that's a spicy tomato, look at those buns, those are some nice melons, etc., etc.) but really I'd rather just sit back with my mouth gaping upon and try and figure out what mixture of over the counter medications and illicit drugs the folks at Burger King injest before embarking on filming each commercial because whatever that combination is should be considered as a threat to national security.
Well, she is a mighty fine tomato.
Hi! My name is Lettucia
Really? Busby (freakin') Berkeley?
Hi! My name is Patty
The Freaky King himselfFunloving Dogpile, or Lesbian Orgy? You decide.Looking at their smiles, I'm leaning towards orgyNo wonder they're smiling, they're about to be 'topped' by Brook BurkeHave It Your Way, Indeed

One more commercial this break, after that last one though a little dig at the TSA just doesn't cut it. Sierra Mist still is a third choice for clear soda refreshment.

It's a lot of work mixing text and pictures in blogger, and the more pictures the worse it is, I'm going to do a separate post for each break.


reader_iam said...


Pooh said...

I too am DVR blogging the commercials. Mediocre minds, etc...

reader_iam said...

XWL: As I replied to you my blog:

Quite the whopper, wasn't it?

Babes, buns and beef: what more could a guy want, am I right?

Pastor_Jeff said...

Man, that BK thing was just wacked. I mean ... wow.

A 100th birthday salute to Albert Hofmann?

Some weird homage to food fetishists?

Or the ulimate culmination of George Costanza's three greatest pleasures?

Oh, who are we kidding? They just copied some Japanese game show.

reader_iam said...



XWL: Apparently, that commercial was the talk of our gathering--only in sacred terms, of course.

Pastor_Jeff said...

Man, the more I think about that BK commercial, the creepier it gets. I dare anyone to write out in exact terms what actually happens in this spot and not feel dirty and/or weirded out.

vw: ffqckqkr.

My reponse exactly.