05 February 2006

Commercial Blogging Part 2

I'm feeling lazier and lazier so I'm just going to blog the highlights rather than all the commercials.

Another Bud Light commercial, more meh. (not worth a screencap)

First (of many) film commercial of the evening. 16 Blocks, given the make-up on Bruce Willis and the general feel of the spot how anyone can't think of this as 'Die Hard Geriatric' is beyond me. (and Mr. Willis is contractually obligated to make that face in every film)

New Hybrid Camry commercial up next, different nose, and now you can feel superior while driving a car that doesn't look as crappy as the Prius, excellent. Also I nominate this father and son as most annoying duo in a commercial so far this year.

Fed-Ex selling junk science along with their deliver service. What about the children? Now a whole new generation of kids will think that cavemen and dinosaurs co-existed. Oh well. (but really good cgi for a commercial, and bosses have been the same for all of history and pre-history, evidently)
More Bud Light, much better. Naturally the best way to mollify a bear is beer, any drunken idiot knows that. Too bad his friend had to swoop, but they do end with the kicker showing the friend surviving, but a little worse for wear, all's well that ends well, I guess.
V for Vendetta looks dreary, and predictable, not worth mentioning, or screencapping (yeah terrorists!) Although John Hurt is moving up, in 1984 he was Winston Smith, in this he's Big Brother.

Jay Mohr and Diddy pimping Diet Pepsi, I guess they all have equal amounts of 'street cred' about now.
Leonard Nimoy has been a director, a photographer, an author, and much more, Leonard Nimoy isn't just that fella who played Spock, oh wait, nevermind, look it's Spock selling Aleve, live long and use as directed.Some commercials are so wrong they are right, that would apply to the Ameriquest spot below. Did they tell that little girl her goldfish died to get her to make that expression?
Another, Bud Light commercial, another dumb, schlubby, lazy husband spot, those never get old, or not. (and thank goodness they included that 'do not attempt' in the corner cause I was just about to go have a picnic on my roof)

That does it for the first half, next post the commercials of half time.


Pastor_Jeff said...

The Aleve commercial was just painful (no pun intended) - obvious, unfunny, and clich├ęd. At least they go the fanboys right.

While I'm as tired as the next guy of stupid men commercials, I actually liked the guys on the roof spot. Maybe it's because we used to do something very similar on my frat house roof. I'd love a secret grill hidden in the roof vent fan.

And that FedEx commercial bothered me, too. I can't stand the cavemen and dinosaurs together thing. What is it that makes us do that? Even Gary Larson knew it was wrong and couldn't stop himself.

reader_iam said...

What, you mean cavemen and dinosaurs DIDN'T co-exist?

Was "The Flintstones" THAT much before your time?

reader_iam said...

To Quxxo, I fixed the case of your blog in my blogroll.