06 February 2006

Commercial Blogging, Part 3

Let's get to it.

Jackie Chan, you were a god at one time, fastest hands I've ever seen on film, amazingly acrobatic stunts mixed with a Buster Keaton like comic sensibility. A beauty to watch and Drunken Master 2 is one of the greatest comic martial arts pictures ever. The less said about this ad, the better.
Finally, an ad for a picture I'll definitely be seeing. Pixar can do no wrong in my book. Haven't made a bad picture yet, this doesn't look to break the streak.

AT&T, pretty ad, pretty images, pretty forgettable, pretty pointless, to quote the Pistols, Pretty Vacant.
Is there a 'Brokeback' influence on this Bud ad? They were sheepherders afterall. I'm just saying, those guys leaning on the fence seem maybe a tad too interested in that shaved sheep (is this some form of porno (don't worry, link should be SFW, unless your workplace frowns upon pink, exposed sheep photos) I was previously unaware of?).

Sportscity, for mobileESPN, impressively well done, but why don't they show the fella watching his phone instead of the road being hit by a bus while he ignores traffic. That'd be a good kicker to this commercial.
Oh look it's the new Escalade, ummm, they seem to be comparing it to fashion models, maybe it's a new kind of hybrid, runs on lettuce and cocaine, might be cleaner than gasoline, but much more expensive.
Where do I start with this film. Bad timing to have PSH as the big baddie in your film when he's being shown all around in his Capote drag. Who knew Capote was such a badass? This would have been an awesome film if he used that voice for this role, oh well, acting is all about choices.

The Dove Self Esteem campaign commercial, I'll just say this ad is an odd choice for the venue. Beer swilling football fans ideas of how best to pump up the self esteem of teen girls might be slightly different than the what Dove would like.

Make it stop! Make it stop! (XWL takes 90 minute break before continuing, below image caused temporary hysterical blindness) Another film I'll manage to avoid.

Note to artists, if you create a beloved icon that speaks to childhood memories for multiple generations, don't you dare die!! The Henson estate saw fit to sell out to Disney, fine, but does Disney have to prostitute the goodwill equity built up in the brand with awful cross promotion? (shakes magic eight ball, answer "yes definitely")

More to follow, I may finish this series before the next Superbowl.

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Pastor_Jeff said...

Good stuff again.

Most disturbing image - the BK ad; but Tim Allen's Gene Simmons tongue wins runner-up.

I laughed at the Escalade "fasion model version" which runs on lettuce and cocaine. That won't be the one Kermits drives.