07 February 2006

Protester Idol, possible dialogue.

The following was in response to this post at Either End of the Curve. As per RIA's request here's the moment as a post on my blog (and I included Bill's post too, cause he is absolutely correct about SNL and using Parker and Stone as Weapons Grade Satire)

XWL said...

I can see it now, "Protester Idol".

Paula Abdulla, 'The way you shook your fist was great, and you managed to light that flag in a very short time, great job, I say yes to Tehran'.

Randy Haji Jackson, 'Yo Dawg, I wasn't feeling you Dawg, when you were denouncing the Jewish Pigs, I didn't see enough hatred in your face, sorry you ain't going to Tehran'

Simon Cowmenjenihad, 'Awful, bloody awful, I wasn't terrorized in the least. You were more a fluffy kitten rather than a terrible lion. I suspect that you might even have some Jewish blood in you that performance was so weak. Definitely NOT for Tehran.'

(you won't be seeing that on SNL, though South Park would dare)

(and even if you hate Idol I'm sure you can appreciate this bit of satire)

Tuesday, February 07, 2006 12:52:17 PM

reader_iam said...

XWL: That's brilliant! You should blog that!

And I appreciate good satire, even (especially?) in the vein of things that I wouldn't necessarily enjoy so much "straight." Btw, I've seen enough "Idol," and often enough, to appreciate the dialogue that you wrote.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006 1:06:46 PM

bill said...

People who claim the holocaust didn't happen are holding a contest for the most offensive holocaust cartoon? I'm waiting for the South Park episode, myself. I say we send Matt Stone and Trey Parker to the UN and drop the A-Bomb in this idiotic war of who can be most offensive. And the average grade schooler can be more outrageous than SNL.

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